ok hello everyone i know this is not the hunger games wiki but i just wanted to write one and i dont like writing on the hunger games wiki cuz no one comments like ever so ill see if i will get some on here.

the twist

in these games there will only be one child from each district but thats not the twist. the twist is that the child that is reaped will have to choose one of their parents to go into the arena. if a child and a parent from the same district they are allowed to leave the games together alive. if the child reaped is the son/daughter of a previouse victor they are not allowed to bring that parent into the games. there are also no volunteers


Parenting games 7

hunga munga

Parenting games 9

pick axe

Parenting games 11


Parenting games 8



name gender  district weapon age
alexis davis female 1 throwing knife 17
pat davis male 1 throwing knife 37
pen anderson male 2 warhammer 14
kaela anderson female 2 spear 40
ellie evertz female 3 smarts, blowgun 16
wendy evertz female 3 smarts, mace 44
abby rosenbaum female 4 trident 18
maul rosenbaum male 4 spear, whip 45
reyla mint female 5 bow and arrow 12
helen mint female 5 throwing axe 29
isaac dodge male 6 sword 13
shayney dodge female 6 pick axe 47
thesil jacobs male 7 any kind of axe 14
sye jacobs male 7 ant kind of axe 44
sierra robertson female 8 bow and arrows 16
pamila robertson female 8 spear 37
savannah mook female 9 sickle, spear 15
don mook male 9 scythe 31
sarah krattiger female 10 axe, throwing axe 14
matt krattiger male 10 pick axe 33
eric carlson male 11 mace 17
deanna carlson female 11 scythe 48
katy twitchle female 12 spear 15
kelly twitchle female 12 hunga munga 45

the arena

in these games the arena will be cut out into 5 different sectionsin the center of the arena the re will be a 
Parenting games 4
huge but dence deciduous forest there are also many mutts so this isnt the safest place but the muts that live in the forest wont be able to go into the othe sections of the areana there are also small ponds of water throughout the forest in the north corner of the arena ther will be a 
Parenting games 1
tropical beach it is fairly safe here but no fresh water unless its from the cornucopia there are also mutts in the water .in the 
Parenting games 3
west corner of the arena are two snowy mountains it is bitter cold here but surrounding the mountains are a hot springs in the mountains there are yeti mutts super fast, super strong, if a tribute sees one notice them they should already know that their dead but they can not go out of the mountains. in the eastern corner of the 
Parenting games 2
arena there is an old broken down city with with ten tall broken down cities in a cirlular shape around the city center in the center is one huge fountainbut the water in it is stagnent so you will either have to boil it or have some iodine there are also mutts in this area and last but not least in the western corner of the arena there will be the cornucopiaand the cornucopia is pretty much self explanitory

arena wear

because there is a ocean in the arena each tribute will have a water suit. over that the tributes will wear athletic sweat pants and a light sweatshirt and a pait waterproof shoes if any tribute would like to go to the mountains they would need

Parenting games 6


to get a parka and snowpants from the cornucopia or they would most likely freeze to death. to make every district individual the capitol made it so every distric has their own color of clothes except for the cloths at the cornucopia and the sweatpants those will be all black. here are the list of colors 

Parenting games 5


district color
1 bright pink
2 gold
3 silver
4 turquoise
5 orange
6 dark green
7 bright green
8 white
9 tan
10 light blue
11 brown
12 black


pen anderson, district 2 POV

honk, honk, honk, honk i stit up in my 

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