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    the parenting games

    September 6, 2014 by Kalebj777

    ok hello everyone i know this is not the hunger games wiki but i just wanted to write one and i dont like writing on the hunger games wiki cuz no one comments like ever so ill see if i will get some on here.

    in these games there will only be one child from each district but thats not the twist. the twist is that the child that is reaped will have to choose one of their parents to go into the arena. if a child and a parent from the same district they are allowed to leave the games together alive. if the child reaped is the son/daughter of a previouse victor they are not allowed to bring that parent into the games. there are also no volunteers


    name gender  district weapon age
    alexis davis female 1 throwing knife 17
    pat davis male 1 throwing …

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