Now, what is OCD? This is waht people are labelled with when that person is obsessed with one or more things. Like cleaning, Video Games, The Internet (huh?), anc other stuff like that. I have an OCD for all of those things, except cleaning of course! But seriously, some people are falsely leabelled with Mental Illness's, and it really has to stop!! OCD is just a mind set!! It is not wrong!! (well, unless you are obsessed with WRONG things, like cannibalism!! EW!) But, stand up for what you believe in, and other things, like religion! Now, I may be an aethiest (did i spell that right?), but that does not make me any different!! I am also gay, but I can still laugh, take jokes, have fun, and I still have a normal mind set!! I am not any fiferenbt to any other straight people!!

I hope this opens your eyes people!!


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