The District 7 Boy

The boy who looks attractive, the boy who is

nice, funny, witty, mischievous, and of course,

the boy who like axes. He is my most favourite

person in the world to talk to, listen to, and look

at (those pics are attractive!).

Kaleb is just the best name ever. Kaleb is just a

nice person. Kaleb is the colours of the world to

me (which means he is a very good person,

mixed in with all the colours and emotions of the

world). Kaleb is the person who makes me

laugh, makes me think I am perfect (which I am obviously not).

Kaleb is the person that makes me smile,

makes me think positve in bad situations, and I

love him like a little brother (since he is younger

than me by one year). But 9th grade and 8th

grade do not make make a difference to me, we are still good friends!


I hope you like this Kaleb.

Love from Matt a.k.a Valkyriecain15

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